Air Conditioning Installation Rochester NY

Air Conditioning Installation Rochester

Central Air Conditioning

You and your family can rely on the consistent high quality performance of your Sparks Monroe air conditioner when the hot and humid days of summer roll in. Sparks Monroe is a leading choice for air conditioning installation in Rochester NY.

What We Offer

  • Products -We have a wide range of types and prices of air conditioning systems to choose from
  • Installation – Our qualified technicians take pride in their work and aim for professionalism in every detail
  • Service – We are the local accredited service center for most popular brands, installations, and maintenance

We install the leading brands, makes, and models of air conditioners to ensure your family lives in a comfortable atmosphere. We install Heil, Amana and Rudd. Each of these brands live up to our standards of dependability, performance and energy efficiency.

The Benefits Of Having Us Install A Quality Air Conditioner:

  • It will help reduce your energy costs. You can choose between various efficiency levels and keep within your budget. When you install an Energy Star model, you can qualify for a federal tax credit.
  • Even and consistent performance. You can have a two speed model that will give you superior cooling performance that puts you in control.
  • Quiet comfort. You can enjoy healthier air, relax, and sleep better, all with quiet operation.
  • Warranty you can count on. When you let us handle your air conditioning needs, you have peace of mind knowing the services and parts you may need are covered.

If you need air conditioning installation in Rochester NY, then call us today at: (585) 621-2770. When you call Sparks Monroe to discuss your specific requirements, you can be sure that you are speaking to someone with a real depth of knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice.

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