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Who’s Afraid of Some Big Bad Soot?

sparks_sootWhen winter hits Rochester NY, there’s no doubt you’re gonna want to light up that chimney. But who knows how much black and dirty soot has stained the insides of your chimney walls since its last use. Another problem could be the wear and tear that weather storms have had on your chimney.

Benefits of Chimney Repair & Chimney Cleaning

sparks_fireplace woodAt Sparks Monroe, we believe chimney repair and chimney cleaning have a direct impact on maintaining a safe and clean home during these Rochester winters. Professional chimney cleaning, chimney sweep, and chimney repair services can take the fear out of hidden dangers and possible health risks that could be involved with being in contact with an unsafe chimney. Getting your chimney inspected once a year also increases its worth, making it work efficiently for years.

Dangers of a Dirty or Damaged Chimney

sparks_smoke alarm : detectorChimney fires and carbon monoxide are two of the risks if you do not keep up with chimney sweeping, chimney repair, or chimney cleaning services. Service of your chimney and chimney sweeping is essential for proper function and the reassurance that your family is in good hands.


Sparks Handles All Chimney Types in Rochester

Sparks Monroe is the most preferred chimney sweeper in Rochester NY. Our chimney cleaning services can handle all makes and models of chimneys in the industry. With our several years of experience, you can rest assured we have inspected and repaired just about every type of chimney or fireplace out on the market.

Wood, Gas, or Oil – We Handle All Heating Systems

Our chimney services also protect heating apparatuses and ventilation systems that run by natural gas, wood pellets, and oil. Call us at (585) 621-2770 to keep your home safe from fire hazards. We proudly serve Monroe & Wayne County.


Our Chimney Services Include:

  • Inspection & cleaning of all systems (wood, oil, gas)
  • Chimney repair & maintenance
  • Inspections for “US Inspects” a national real-estate relocation service
  • Experts for insurance during real-estate transactions
  • One of the few full service heating & chimney services in area
  • All work conforms to “NFPA,” National Fire Protection Association:
  • Complete rebuilds all types (block, stone, steel, etc.)
  • Realigning services
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney sweep services
  • Crown work
  • Cap work
  • Animal removal
  • Decorative services
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